Sophisticated, elegant and classy, capable of not becoming boring in the long run. The TEAL color is definitely an evergreen and manages to make any environment refined and pleasant despite its simplicity.

GREEN is by definition the color of nature, it has a relaxing effect and promotes calm Perfect for finding serenity, sitting comfortably in your own garden.

Fresh, captivating and unexpected: the LIME color is becoming increasingly popular in the world of furniture. Definitely to be used with caution, but it will surely give a touch of originality and a boost of energy in your home.

ORANGE is associated with warmth, joy and is the symbol of artistic imagination and inner harmony. It is an important, bright color, capable of capturing the scene, and is perfect if you want to emphasize one or more furnishings.

PURPLE conquers everyone in this 2022. With its lively and joyful attitude it encourages creativity: suitable for those who want to experiment and wander with the imagination, going beyond the classic combinations and standards.